Andrew Yap Education Centre will be running H2 Maths Crash Course in June to help students consolidate key concepts and master core skills for the upcoming Promotional exams, Preliminary Exams and ‘A’ Levels. Each 2-hr crash course will see you through a set of concise selection of problems that are aligned with current trends in ‘A’ Levels H2 Maths Papers as well as the H2 Maths new syllabus. A total of 12 distinct H2 Maths topics will be covered this June. Students should use this crash course platform to consolidate their learning and prepare early for their year end exams.

For Secondary School Math June Crash Course, click here.

  • Sign up is based on a first come first serve basis and payment has to be made upfront to reserve a place for the crash course.
  • The fee for every crash course lesson is $100 for students who are not registered with the centre. You may sign up any number of crash course lesson subject to availability.
  • Note that for same topic appearing twice in the schedule on different dates (eg M1a and M1b), it means the same lesson will be conducted on these 2 dates. Choose only one date will do for the topic you are keen to attend
  • Email us at tuitionprince@yahoo.com or Call us 83881912 to sign up!

Schedule of H2 MATH Crash courses (12 distinct  lessons in total)

10th June to 16th June 2019

10th JuneMon945am to 1145amVectorsM1a
11th JuneTues945am to 1145amComplex NumbersM2a
12th JuneWed945am to 1145amAP and GPM3a
1pm to 3pmDifferentiation and ApplicationsM4
13th JuneThurs945am to 1145amIntegration TechniquesM5a
1pm to 3pmInequalities and Graphing TechniquesM6
14th JuneFri945am to 1145amDifferential Equations & Maclaurin SeriesM7
1pm to  3pmSigma Notation and Method of differencesM8a


17th June to 24th June 2019

17th JuneMon945am to 1145amComplex NumbersM2b
1pm to 3pmApplications of Integration (Area and Volume)M9a
18th JuneTues945am to 1145amP and C and ProbabilityM10
19th JuneWed945am to 1145amVectorsM1b
1pm to 3pmDiscrete random variables, Binomial distribution, Normal distribution and SamplingM11
20th JuneThurs945am to 1145amFunctionsM12
1pm to 3pmSigma Notation and Method of differencesM8b
21st JuneFri945am to 1145amIntegration TechniquesM5b
1pm to 3pmApplications of Integration (Area and Volume)M9b
24th  JuneMon945am to 1145amAP and GPM3b

Click here to download the PDF version of the schedule.