JC2 H2 Math Crash Courses

(For 2018 JC2 H2 Math Students moving up to JC2 in 2018)

 Schedule of Crash Course lessons

For students who need to consolidate and do thorough revision for JC1 H2 Math topics, the centre will be running a series of crash course lessons by topics. It will set a good foundation for the JC1 H2 Math topics learnt and also enable you to cope better with the rigorous H2 Math curriculum next year.

Date TimeCodeTopic(s)
27th Nov (Mon)10am to 12pmM1aDifferentiation and applications
28th Nov (Tues)10am to 12pmM2aIntegration Techniques and applications
12th Dec (Tues)10am to 12pmM3aVectors (lines and planes)
1pm to 3pmM1bDifferentiation and applications
18th Dec (Mon)10am to 12pmM4Maclaurin Series
19th Dec (Tues)


10am to 12pmM5Functions\Inequalities\Graphing Techniques
1pm to 3pmM2bIntegration Techniques and applications
26th Dec (Tues)


10am to 12pmM6AP & GP,  Sigma Notation, Method of Differences
1pm to 3pmM3bVectors (lines and planes)
  • You may sign up for any number of lessons, on first come first serve basis.
  • Each lesson for students who are NOT registered with the centre is $100.
  • M1a and M1b are the same lesson. If you intend to attend lesson on ‘Differentiation and applications”, choose either M1a or M1b will do. Likewise for M2a and M2b and also M3a and M3b.
  • To sign up, download the form here, fill up form A on the page 2 and email us at tuitionprince@yahoo.com.
  • Call 83881912 for more details regarding payment mode and other information.