About A-Math

In Singapore, Additional Mathematics (also known as A-Math) is an optional subject for secondary school students. Students from both the Normal Academic (NA) stream and Express stream who have an aptitude for math will be subjected to this offer. The syllabus covered in A-Math is slightly more in depth, compared to Elementary Mathematics (E-Math), focusing on algebra, geometry and trigonometry, and calculus. This subject is a prerequisite for students who are intending to take H2 Math at A-Levels if they choose to pursue their further studies in Junior College. Students who do not have any A-Math background will usually be offered H1 Math for their first year of studies in a Singapore junior college.

Importance of A-Math

It is true that studying A-Math is challenging and rigorous for many. However, it is a practical subject that will support students in their tertiary education after secondary school. Learning A-Math teaches students to think logically and rationally. This mindset can greatly influence other areas and help students excel in their future careers. Therefore, opening doors to many job opportunities.

The A-Math syllabus is aimed to allow secondary students to:

  1. Appreciate the power and nature of math
  2. Acquire math skills and concepts for higher studies in math
  3. Develop reasoning, thinking and meta-cognitive skills in using a math approach to solving problems

Why Take A-Math Under Andrew Yap Education Centre (A Math Tuition)

At our education centre, in each A-Math lesson, we conduct in-depth discussions and practices, touching on various types of questions which will cover the depth and width of each topic. Tutors of our A Math Tuition ensure every student clearly understands each key concept and correctly applies them to the question in accordance with the requirement of the GCE O-Level standards. Concise notes for each topic will also be given in addition to their school’s learning materials to aid them during revisions. In relation to topical exercises, they are specially selected from past schools’ prelim and examination papers, as well as O-Level papers.

Please visit here to know more about our A-Math class schedule.

FAQs About A Math Tuition

1. Can I sign up for a trial lesson?

Yes, paid trial can be arranged. To reserve a place for a paid trial, the fee can be made via paynow or paylah to hp: 83881912 before the lesson.

2. How do I sign up for lesson?

You may click on “Admission and Fees” and follow the instructions to sign up.

Alternatively, you may email tuitionprince@yahoo.com or whatsapp us at 83881912 to sign up.

3. Does the Centre collect deposit?

No, the Centre does not collect deposit.

4. Are your classes online or onsite?

All our classes are hybrid classes which means students can choose to attend either online or onsite lesson.

5. How large is the class size?

As our classes are all hybrid classes (online and onsite), the class size will be limited to about 20 for the onsite class. In general, the class size on a weekday is relatively smaller as compared to a class over the weekends.

6. Is Math tuition necessary?

The landscape in tuition has changed tremendously over the years. High abilities students are joining Math tuition classes too. In general, students are fighting for time due to their very busy schedule. Attending Math tuition classes allows students to be more efficient in their learning students can learn the same content in a much shorter time span as compared to learning it on their own. It also provides the confidence to deal with the more challenging questions in tests and examinations.

7. Who are the tutors at Andrew Yap Education Centre?

All classes at the Centre are taught personally by Mr. Andrew Yap and Mrs. Jasmine Yap.

Mr. Andrew Yap was the former subject head of Mathematics department at Hwa Chong Institution (College Section) and the former head of Mathematics department at River Valley High School (Senior-high).

Mrs Jasmine Yap was the former Education Consultant of the Mathematics department at Hwa Chong Institution (College Section). 

8. Can students ask questions after class?

Yes. Students can clarify their doubts with regard to the lesson materials after class.

9. Are the Sec 3 and Sec 4 math classes suitable for IP students?

The Centre will only be teaching the Additional Mathematics component of the IP Mathematics which is a pre-requisite for the challenging H2 Mathematics curriculum at the JC level. Be it O level Additional Mathematics or IP Mathematics, the question types are getting increasingly challenging and our curriculum will equip students with the skills to cope with the intermediate and the more challenging questions they will encounter in tests and examinations. The Centre has a good mix of students from both the main stream schools and the IP schools.

10. Why should I choose Andrew Yap Education Centre?

Mr. Andrew Yap and Mrs. Jasmine Yap personally oversee the Mathematics curriculum at the Centre which is crafted in alignment with the latest MOE syllabus. With the two founders’ many years of experiences in teaching Mathematics and their past experiences as well in leading Mathematics departments at top IP schools, the systematic and meticulously planned curriculum will certainly add values to students’ learning and build the competencies to achieve a good grade in Mathematics at both internal and national examinations.