Andrew Yap Education Centre will be running H2 Maths Crash Course in November/December to help students (who are moving on to JC2 in 2021) consolidate concepts learnt in JC1. Each 2-hr crash course will see you through a set of concise selection of problems that are aligned with current trends in ‘A’ Levels H2 Maths Papers as well as the H2 Maths syllabus. A total of 6 distinct H2 Maths topics will be covered this November/December.

Students should use this crash course platform to consolidate their learning and strengthen their foundation before moving to JC2 next year.

  • You may sign up any number of crash course lesson subject to availability.
  • Note that for same topic appearing twice in the schedule on different dates (eg M1a and M1b), it means the same lesson will be conducted on these 2 dates. Choose only one date will do for the topic you are keen to attend
  • Email us at or Call us 83881912 to sign up!

Sec 3 A Math Crash Course also available. Download the pdf version of the schedule.

2020 Nov-Dec H2 Math Crash Course Schedule

Date TimeCodeTopic(s)
18th Nov (Wed)7pm to 9pmM1aVectors
20th Nov (Fri)7pm to 9pmM2aMaclaurin Series
23rd Nov (Mon)7pm to 9pmM3aAP & GP, Sigma Notation, Method of Differences
27th Nov (Fri)7pm to 9pmM4aIntegration Techniques
7th Dec (Mon)7pm to 9pmM5Functions\Inequalities\Graphing
10th Dec (Thurs)7pm to 9pmM6aDifferentiation and applications
14th Dec (Mon)7pm to 9pmM1bVectors
17th Dec (Thurs)7pm to 9pmM2bMaclaurin Series
18th Dec (Fri)7pm to 9pmM4bIntegration Techniques
21st Dec (Mon)7pm to 9pmM3bAP & GP, Sigma Notation, Method of Differences
22nd Dec (Tues)7pm to 9pmM6bDifferentiation and applications

2020 Nov-Dec Sec 3 IP Math / A Math Crash Course 

6th Dec330pmIndices, Surds, Quadratic equations and Inequalities
13th Dec330pmExponential and Logarithmic Functions
20th Dec330pmRemainder and Factor Theorem and Partial Fractions
27th Dec330pmCoordinate Geometry