Andrew Yap Education Centre will be running H2 Maths Crash Course in November and December to help students consolidate key concepts for the topics learnt in JC1. Each 2-hr crash course lesson will see students through a set of concise selection of problems that are aligned with current trends in ‘A’ Levels H2 Maths Papers. A total of 6 distinct H2 Maths topics will be covered. Students should use this crash course platform to consolidate their learning and build a good foundation for the JC1 H2 Math topics learnt. This will enable them to cope better with the rigorous H2 Math curriculum next year.


Date TimeCodeTopic(s)
15th Nov (Wed)7pm to 9pmM1aVectors
16th Nov (Thurs)7pm to 9pmM2aMaclaurin Series
17th Nov (Fri)7pm to 9pmM3aAP & GP, Sigma Notation, Method of Differences
20th Nov (Mon)7pm to 9pmM4Functions\Inequalities\Graphing
   22nd Nov (Wed)7pm to 9pmM5Differentiation and applications
23rd Nov (Thurs)7pm to 9pmM6Integration Techniques
27th Nov (Mon)4pm to 6pmM2bMaclaurin Series
28th Nov (Tues)4pm to 6pmM1bVectors
 29th Nov (Wed)4pm to 6pmM3bAP & GP, Sigma Notation, Method of Differences

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