H2 MATHS CRASH COURSE  (September Holidays)

(1) During the September holidays, there will be 4 distinct lessons conducted.

(2) The schedule of the lesson is as follow:

Techniques of Integration


7th Sep (Tuesday)7pm to 9pm*Physical or Zoom
12th Sep (Sunday)1245pm to 245pmPhysical or Zoom


9th Sep (Thursday)7pm to 9pmOnly Zoom
11th Sep (Saturday)9am to 11amPhysical or Zoom
Sequences and Series, Complex Numbers and Differential Equations


6th Sep (Monday)7pm to 9pmPhysical or Zoom
10th Sep (Friday)9 am to 11amPhysical or Zoom
Permutations, Combinations and Probability


8th Sep (Wednesday)7pm to 9pmOnly Zoom
10th Sep (Friday)1pm to 3pmOnly Zoom

*Physical means the student will attend lesson at our centre.


(a) Please note that for same topic appearing twice in the schedule on different dates, it means the same lesson will be conducted on these 2 dates. Choose only one date will do for the topic you are keen to attend.

(b) You may sign up any number of lessons.

(c) The fees for every crash course lesson is $100. Payment is to be made upfront by fund transfer to reserve a place. After payment is received, there is no refund.

(d)The worksheet for each lesson will be emailed to you at least 3 days in advance after payment is made.

(e) Sign up is based on a first come first serve basis and physical class lesson is subjected to availability.

(f) You may call/whatsapp 83881912 or email tuitionprince@yahoo.com to sign up.