H2 Math Tuition in Singapore

H2 Math Tuition

About H2 Math

H2 Math is one of the many math syllabuses offered in Junior College (JC), besides H1 Math, H2 Further Math, and H3 Math. In order for JC for students to take this subject, they will need to meet the prerequisite of having the knowledge and passed their A-Math GCE O-Levels examination. There are a total of six content strands in H2 Math. Namely, Functions and Graphs, Sequences and Series, Vectors, Introduction to Complex Numbers, Calculus, and Probability and Statistics. Many connections can be made between topics across strands and within each strand. These connections are essential to allow the students to integrate the skills and concepts in a coherent manner for problem-solving.

Understanding the Challenges of H2 Math

In the secondary setting, students are usually introduced concepts to a mathematical topic and then tasked to solve many routine textbook questions to hone their skills. This will ensure that the foundation work is laid. A lot of students thrive under this kind of system and are able to score distinctions for both Additional and Elementary Mathematics at O levels.

In the JC system, students are introduced a mathematical topic either through a physical lecture or watching a pre-recorded video. In general, a topic requires a few lectures to cover the required content. However, due to time constraints in the JC curriculum, students do not have the luxury of time to hone their basic skills properly. They have to learn the basic skills very quickly and then proceed to solve tutorials which consist of questions related to the topic that was taught. Many students have difficulties solving the intermediate to harder tutorial questions as these questions require a pretty high level of mathematical maturity to solve them completely. Sad to say, many of the questions in tests and examinations are very demanding questions and as a result, many do not do well.

In general, under the pure math section in H2 Math, students find Vectors a very challenging topic to learn. It requires 3D visualization and many are not able to grasp the concepts well. Complex number is another topic that requires heavy algebraic manipulation in which many students were not equipped with. Calculus, consisting of Differentiation and Integration are very important topics in the H2 curriculum in which many struggle to cope with.

Under the Statistics section, Permutation and Combination, Probability and Hypothesis testing are the topics that students find it harder to learn.

To excel in H2 Math, students need a very systematic way of training, allowing them to apply their skills learnt to solve challenging questions. They must do the school tutorials before attending lessons and not attend lessons unprepared in schools. Copying solutions will not help much in the learning of Mathematics. Students must be willing to try out many exam questions from other schools which will help them to sharpen their skills to be applied to the harder questions. This will also build speed and confidence in the exam hall.

Importance of H2 Math

The Ministry of Education (MOE) designed the H2 Math to prepare students for a variety of university courses, such as sciences, mathematics, and engineering, where mathematics foundation is required. It develops mathematical reasoning and thinking skills that are important for more in-depth learning of math.
The H2 Math syllabus aims to allow JC students to:

  1. connect ideas and concepts between math and other areas of disciplines through the application of math
  2. acquire math skills and concepts in preparation for their tertiary studies in sciences, math, engineering and other courses of study that requires a strong mathematical foundation
  3. develop reasoning, thinking, modelling and communication skills using a mathematical approach to tackle problem-solving

H2 Math Tuition Programme

The weekly H2 Math regular lessons are planned by the 2 founders of Andrew Yap Education Centre. For each topic, the notes are supported by examples ranging from basic to advance questions to sharpen students’ skills in H2 Math. This will not only help to build a strong foundation in their learning but also enable them to cope with the challenging problems in tests and examinations.

There will also be topical based crash courses conducted in June at the centre. These crash courses will enable students to strengthen their learning in the topics they might have forgotten or are weaker at in general and boost their confidence before taking their tests and examinations. These topical crash courses will revisit key skills and will also cover challenging problems which allow students to excel in their examinations.

The centre will complete the syllabus in July or early August each year and then proceed to run through 2 major rounds of revisions for their preliminary exams and then A levels.

Why Take H2 Math Tuition Under Andrew Yap Tuition Centre

Here at Andrew Yap Tuition Centre, we don’t just aim to help our students develop practical examination techniques to achieve an A for the GCE H2 Math A-Level examinations, but also to appreciate and cultivate a passion for Mathematics. We also understand that the key to perfection is practice. Thus, we frequently expose our students to a wide range of H2 Math challenging examination questions to develop an ability to tackle tough questions and improve their answering technique in examinations.

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