A-Level Math Tuition

Importance of A-Level Math

Besides offering secondary math tuition, Andrew Yap Education Centre also provides A-Level math tuition. The Ministry of Education (MOE) introduced mathematics education at the A-Level to groom a pool of highly analytical and skilled workforce, especially in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) area. Even though the country has evolved from rapid industrialization in the 80’s to today’s knowledge-intensive industries, it continues to be seen very valuable among different stakeholders and students preparing for university education. Our education centre strongly believes there are two folds in learning mathematics at the A-Levels. Firstly, to equip students, regardless of their course of study in university, with problem-solving skills and a set of useful tools to support their tertiary studies. Secondly, A-Level mathematics allows students to develop a mode of thinking that complements other areas of studies. In turn, it will aid in the development of a well-rounded individual who has the ability to think broadly, deeply and creatively about challenges and issues they may face. This being said, a variety of A-Level syllabuses are available for students, ranging from H1 mathematics to H3 mathematics. The range of A-Level math syllabuses is introduced to suit different types of students. It gives them an option to learn math at different levels and depth to complement their progression for their desired choice of university and course of study.

A-Level Math Tuition with Andrew Yap Education Centre

We understand that students studying A-Level Mathematics often find it tough to cope with the subject due to lack of clear thinking and mathematical problem-solving skills. Therefore, here at Andrew Yap Education Centre, besides aiming for our students to achieve their highest potential in math for the GCE A Level examination, we also hope they will find mathematics useful in applying to solve for real-world problems. In order to do so, we impart our students with essential skills to master in all areas of math, including algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, and more.

We offer H2 math tuition, specially taught by Mr Andrew Yap himself (former Subject Head of Mathematics department at Hwa Chong Institution, and Head of Mathematics department at River Valley High School, JC section) and Mrs Jasmine Yap (former education consultant of Hwa Chong Institution). The materials are crafted to equip our students with competency in solving complex mathematical problems. This includes questions of greater difficulty to deepen the students’ understanding, focus on key concepts and being able to apply math skills for different situations.

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