Before attending Mr Yap’s lessons, I dreaded Maths and my J1 results were far from ideal. However, under Mr Yap’s guidance, I started developing interest in Maths and my school results improved significantly. Mr Yap is a caring and experienced teacher who is fully committed to helping his students succeed. His lessons are engaging and interesting, covering a wide scope of questions and solving methods.  During lessons, Mr Yap also imparts crucial question-analysis skills to his students which have time and again helped me during exams. Furthermore, his notes and revision worksheets were regarded as a priceless asset of mine in J2 because they are concise, comprehensive and immensely useful for exam revision.

In addition to being experienced and knowledgeable, Mr Yap is also extremely dedicated. I can always count on him to give a prompt and thorough explanation whenever I text him about Maths problems. His relentless guidance and encouragements have helped me achieve my desired grade in A-level. Thank you so much Mr Yap!

By Yuan Zhen, HCI, Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths


Mr Yap is one of the most down to earth teachers I know, always willing to spend the extra time to go through questions by his students and to clear their doubts.
I love that he has a cheerful and ecstatic air around him and it really helps to lighten up the mood in his classes. I really appreciate that he tries to make his classes more entertaining for his students. He is also very encouraging and offers useful advice in an exam setting.
Most importantly, he is very straight to the point in his teaching and I really find it easy to follow through. In explaining how to do questions, he is very thorough and it has really helped me improve on the way I approach questions which has really made it much easier for me in math.
Math really isn’t my thing but thanks to Mr Yap’s guidance, and the timed practises that I was made to do in his classes, I have really improved in my math throughout the time I have been in the tuition centre. Thank you Mr Yap for teaching me, I really really appreciate it (:

By Eshir, AJC, Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths


If I have to use one word to describe Mr Yap, that would be dedicated. Mr Yap is a very dedicated teacher who puts in a lot of effort in preparing his teaching materials to ensure that his students would benefit from them. Personally, I find Mr Yap worksheets really effective as the questions are very well crafted such that every skill or technique of that topic is required of us in order to solve the questions. In addition, he treats his students sincerely and genuinely wants all of them to do well in mathematics. In class, Mr Yap goes through every problem step-by-step such that no one will be lost or confused and this really helps me a lot in understanding the approach to solving various problems. Outside class, he is always very patient and prompt in answering whatever math problems I encountered in school tutorials and I really appreciate him using his precious family time to answer our questions through whatsapp. Before every tests and examinations, he will give us his own revision worksheets which will help us recap all the important concepts. He also conducts topical revision classes during the holidays for those who are weak in certain topics to attend. Before A levels, Mr Yap will teach us exam tips and tricks and secret ways to remember formulas! I’m really thankful for Mr Yap for preparing me really well for the A levels. For those who are struggling with mathematics or wishes to secure an A for mathematics in the A levels, Mr Yap is the ideal tutor for you!

Yong Hong, HCI, Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths


Mr Yap is really an amazing teacher who throws in a good mix of seriousness and humour to his lessons at appropriate times. With his extensive knowledge of the subject and many years of teaching experience, Mr Yap manages to extract key concepts of each topic which are compiled into concise lesson notes. These notes also contain key practice questions, where he guides students step-by-step to ensure complete understanding. He also provides crash courses for certain topics, such that weaker students can strengthen their foundations and work on relevant practice questions with higher difficulty.
Besides, Mr Yap is very patient and approachable – not only does he answer all queries by students (whether through Whatsapp or face-to-face), he also goes the extra step to make sure the students fully comprehend the solutions. I also love that he shares his personal funny stories during lessons randomly, to keep us engaged.
Thank you Mr Yap for your guidance and encouragement over the past year. I really am immensely grateful for you and appreciate your help a lot! 🙂

Hazel, HCI, Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths


Mr Yap is a teacher who cares. His years of experience in teaching Mathematics has led to his uncanny ability to transfer the knowledge of what he knows to his students effectively. His experience has rendered him able to spot common weaknesses of students and rectify them, proving to be life-saving in examinations. Mr Yap is also very creative, coming up with many methods to help his students understand and remember what he has taught which has come in handy in tests and examinations. Going beyond the repetitive motions, his methodical and succinct teaching style has helped built up my foundations in Mathematics in a short span of a year allowing me to improve from being an ‘S’ grade to an ‘A’ grade in my A levels. Mr Yap also sacrifices his own free time to help his students such as staying back after classes to go through queries as well as replying to questions on whatsapp quickly. With such a heart for his students, and as long as you put in your best along with Mr Yap’s guidance, improvement is guaranteed.

By Ryan Tham, RI ~Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths


A patient, caring and dedicated teacher, Mr Yap’s guidance had made Math a much less daunting subject. I joined AYEC in JC1 when I found myself struggling with graph transformations, and I have never regretted my decision ever since. Mr Yap’s lessons are always engaging and he often entertains us with funny math jokes which are very helpful in keeping sleep deprived students like me awake. In addition to his remarkable ability to simplify complicated Math concepts, the notes that he provides are probably the best notes that I have ever seen. They are succinct and accurately highlight the key concepts that we need to know in every topic while incorporating a wide variety of questions that would expose us to the common question types that could surface in examinations. What I appreciate the most is that Mr Yap’s concern for his students extend beyond the classroom. He often encourages us to whatsapp him questions that we are unable to solve in order to avoid unnecessary stress on our part, and he would reply us with comprehensive solutions and explanations. Additionally, Mr Yap constantly motivates us to do better and often sends us encouraging messages before examinations. Thank you Mr Yap for making my A Level Math journey such an enjoyable one!

Meredith, HCI, Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths


Mr Yap is a dedicated teacher with his own special sense of humour. He makes his lessons interesting with his random personal stories and math related jokes. I joined Mr Yap during JC2 after I see no improvement in my grades. But through his teachings, I am able to work on my area of weakness and experienced significant improvement in my grades in all my subsequent examinations. Mr Yap is a very experienced teacher and able to clearly pinpoint problems all student will face in a particular topic. He takes the effort to select important questions instead of bombarding us with many questions making his homework manageable and effective. He also takes the effort to conduct crash courses and revision classes to ensure that we are exam ready. I am really grateful for the effort Mr Yap had put into his teachings and helping me achieve my desired grade.

Keng Hai, AJC, Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths


Throughout my journey in JC, Mr Yap has been one of the best tutors I’ve ever met. The efforts he puts in his teaching by going the extra mile for his students (hand-picking mock quizzes to consolidate our learning process and going through the syllables thoroughly) is a testimonial to how dedicated he is towards teaching. He also provides many alternative ways to solve a question to help us broaden both our thinking and our learning. Moreover, he makes learning fun by injecting a little humour during each lesson which really makes learning much more bearable and enjoyable. Not only does he have a dedicated and fun side, he too is meticulous in his ways of teaching as he personally makes his own solutions for every question he plans to go through in class beforehand for his students to better understand them (not many maths tutors does this because they usually just copy the answer keys directly!) Furthermore, he is really caring towards his students as he ensures the safety of our students during lessons and also motivates us really hard to strive for excellence. I’m glad I chose AYEC and I would once again like to thank them for helping me achieve the grades I desired.
Ryan Phua, NYJC, Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths


Mr Yap is an extremely dedicated teacher, who will stop at nothing to ensure that his students have a thorough understanding of the syllabus. Under his guidance, I have improved tremendously from a U to an A. Mr Yap somehow very skillfully makes each daunting chapter in JC math a lot easier to understand. As such all the math questions that once seemed so formidable, became lot more approachable, and much easier to handle.

Mr Yap’s lessons are also never boring. He always incorporates his witty sense of humour into any segment of the lesson possible, making each math lesson very interesting. Being a very experienced teacher, Mr Yap could efficiently identify my weaknesses, and helped me improve on them.

Additionally, Mr Yap is also a very caring teacher. He has never failed to motivate me to do better, to push myself beyond my imaginable limits. Not once did he give up hope on me, even though my results were sometimes not very pleasing.

Thank You Mr Yap for being such an inspirational and fabulous teacher!

By Dilys Han, HCI ~Grade ‘A’ in H2 Math


I first joined Mr Yap after getting a U for my block test in J1. Even though I have always struggled with Maths, Mr Yap’s clear explanations of mathematical concepts and exam tips made Maths seem much more manageable. His stories and jokes in class were always welcome and lightened the mood considerably especially in the often intense lead up to exams. Most importantly, Mr Yap always believed in my ability to do well even when my results didn’t show immediate improvement, and it was his confidence in me that inspired me to keep working hard. Mr Yap’s concise yet detailed notes were the perfect study companion and his crash courses perfectly encompassed all the essential information needed for each topic. It is due to Mr Yap’s hard work and dedication that I eventually achieved my desired grade for the Mathematics A-levels!

By Mathea, HCI ~ Grade ‘A’ in H2 Math


Mr Yap is a friendly and patient teacher. He is encouraging and is always willing to answer questions before or after lessons. He often shares stories with the class to make the lesson more interesting. He is passionate in his teaching and asks questions occasionally to engage students. The lesson notes provided are also the best math notes I have ever seen. They are concise, covering all the concepts and also made the topics easier to understand. Mr Yap covers many different types of questions during lessons, providing sufficient examples and different solving methods, thus adequately preparing me for examinations. He also provides many revision lessons and crash courses prior to examinations to help students in their revision. He gets along well with his students and is easy to communicate with. Math was a subject I struggled with the most in JC1 but prior to A levels, it became the subject I was most confident in. Thank you for the one and a half years of math, Mr Yap.

By Clarissa, HCI (2014) ~ Grade ‘A’


I did not have a very strong foundation for Maths in the past. However, everything changed after attending Mr Yap’s lessons! Mr Yap is a very patient teacher and has simplified complicated Maths concepts into understandable terms. Whenever I’m absent or late for lessons, he will go the extra mile by staying back or coming early to explain the things I’ve missed out. He is just a text away whenever I have Maths questions, answering it clearly and promptly! Mr Yap is also very meticulous and caring, giving us advice and study tips beyond Mathematics. Furthermore, the notes and practices he provided were very comprehensive, covering different question types for each topic. This made studying for Maths easier. Thanks to Mr Yap, I’ve not only improved in Mathematics, but also have developed a passion for the subject. Thank you so much Mr Yap!

By Vanessa Tan, RVHS ~ Grade ‘A’ in H2 Math


Mr Yap is a very experienced & passionate teacher, who makes learning math enjoyable by balancing both the teaching aspect of lessons & making them lighthearted by sharing his interesting stories of his personal experiences with us. Finding my math grades constantly fluctuating, I signed up for his classes. Mr Yap’s topical revision worksheets help target common challenging topics & his constant reminders of common mistakes or misconceptions to watch out for really benefited me. His thoroughness during lessons as well as his patience & willingness to take time outside class to answer our queries, really helped me to target & focus on my weaker areas & to boost my understanding of concepts. Thank you Mr Yap for your dedication & guidance! 🙂

By Kimberly, RIJC ~ Grade ‘A’ in H2 Math