From the batch who graduated in 2016 & 2015

  • Before taking up lessons at AYEC, I dreaded H2 Mathematics because I was unable to perform in the subject. My J1 results were mediocre at best, and my J2 BT1 results were far from ideal due to CCA commitments and poor foundational knowledge of the learning outcomes of the syllabus. That's when I chose to join the Saturday classes conducted by Mrs Yap, and I've never looked back since. Mrs Yap went back to basics to clear up my misconceptions and strengthened my foundational knowledge. By exposing me to different types of questions, I was also better equipped to deal with school examinations (Prelims) and ultimately at the A-Level Examinations. The crash courses offered by Mr and Mrs Yap also provided me with the opportunity to quickly grasp concepts in a concise manner, something which was very useful given the limited time we had to balance our revision between the 5 examinable subjects. Above all, Mrs Yap's dedication to the teaching of Mathematics was clearly felt during my time there. She would attempt to add humour into the subject and use everyday objects in order to help us better visualise the application of topics such as P&C/Distributions in daily life. Mrs Yap also frequently stayed back after class to answer my questions and was available on WhatsApp in certain cases where I needed urgent consultation. Finally, Mrs Yap is also a very motivational teacher who often encourages her students. The little things she did (encouragement SMSes to us students, the occasional snack and words of advice) inspired me and helped me believe that it was possible to get the grade I desired. Thank you Mrs Yap for your invaluable guidance through my Math journey in JC!

    Jonathan HCI (2016) ~ Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths in 2016 ‘A’ Level
  • I joined AYEC at the start of J2 after struggling with H2 math in J1. I was worried that I was lagging too far behind and would not be able to amply prepare myself in time for A levels. However, my worries were unfounded as under Mrs Yap's guidance, I was able to catch up and bridge my gaps steadily. Mrs Yap teaches every math concept and goes through each question clearly and concisely. She emphasizes key points to take note of, making it easier to absorb and retain the various concepts we need to remember. She really made math easy to understand! I could finally grasp what was going on during school lectures and this really boosted my confidence. Mrs Yap is a caring and supportive teacher. Even when my results are less than ideal, she continues to encourage me. Taking time to look through my test papers, Mrs Yap takes note of areas I can improve on. She also takes note of my past results to gauge my progress. With her advice, I had a targeted approach as I knew which topics or concepts I needed to work on. She also gives timely reminders such as when we should start doing our TYS or which materials we should attempt amongst the plethora of materials which are available to us (TYS, your own school's papers, other school's papers etc.) which were very helpful in the preparation for A levels. Mrs Yap's efforts motivated me to try harder and her bright and cheery personality made it so much less daunting to attend classes! I improved from scoring S and U grades to an A grade in A levels. I would not have been able to achieve this without your help. Thank you Mrs Yap!

    Clarice VJC (2016) ~ Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths in 2016 ‘A’ Level
  • I've never been very confident in mathematics, which got worse in JC which had new concepts I had to grapple with. Mrs Yap made mathematics clearer to me, which really helped me follow lectures in school. She would patiently explain concepts I didn't understand, and found ways to make lessons more interesting. Mrs Yap is also a very caring teacher - when I broke my leg, she made arrangements for me to not fall behind the class, and would ask after how I was doing. I can't say I enjoy mathematics, even now, but I do understand it much better.

    Naomi RIJC (2016) ~ Grade ‘A’ in H2 Maths in 2016 ‘A’ Level
  • One of the few teachers I know who is highly proficient in the subject they teach and gifted in the art of teaching it. Mrs Yap has been an inspiration for my learning of Math. Mrs Yap’s pedagogy which places great emphasis on logical understanding of concepts and skills instead of just regurgitation of steps has been highly efficacious. Besides her talent in teaching, Mrs Yap has adopted an easy going attitude towards students (without compromising discipline) and this makes our learning of Math with her productive and enjoyable at the same time. Mrs Yap has established herself as one of the best teachers in HCI and I am fortunate to be taught by her. She has helped me improve my lecture tests from a ‘U’ to an ‘A’ grade!

    Loh Jiasheng (former JC1 student in Mrs Yap's class before she left HCI)
  • Practical and thoughtful, I think that's what made Mrs Yap an exceptional math teacher. The powerpoints and worksheets she uses are always short and succinct, her lessons never fail to engage me and acquiring new concepts never felt overwhelming. I think the greatest perk of having Mrs Yap as my math teacher is that she always provides concise summaries and useful studying tips. Her teaching method is different from others, in the sense that she considers little details that can make great differences.

    Serene Lau (former JC1 student in Mrs Yap's class before she left HCI)
  • Mrs Yap is a very good teacher because she is great at explaining complicated concepts in a step-by-step manner that makes the concepts seem much easier. She also has many useful tips and tricks for her us, which help us conquer tests and exams calmly and systematically. Best of all, she also cares for her students. Having Mrs Yap as a teacher makes Math a much more enjoyable and manageable subject!

    Chuah Qing Le (former JC1 student in Mrs Yap's class before she left HCI)
  • Under Mrs Yap’s guidance, math doesn't seem so difficult and confusing anymore because she is able to bring out the important math concepts really very clearly and has a clear focus on what to work on for every lesson. Her constant drive to improve herself and her ability to make math engaging for her students really motivates me to work harder for math. Mrs Yap is a also lively teacher who also connects well with her students - we even look forward to going for her lessons!

    Bernice liau (former JC1 student in Mrs Yap's class when she was at HCI)
  • Mrs Yap is truly a one of a kind teacher. She goes beyond the basics of teaching for the sake of it and ventures into connecting with her students on a personal level. Mrs Yap is really a dedicated teacher who genuinely wants her students to do well, not for anyone else but for themselves. She makes learning maths look and sound so easy, yet also understands the struggles her students face and faces these struggles together with them, Thanks to her, my A Level journey has been eased ten-folds and I am grateful for her faith in me which I did not have in myself. She really did make it feel like maths isn't so bad after all. :)

    Emily Leong HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'B' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mr & Mrs Yap devotes most of their time to teaching and helping their students in getting an A for maths. They work harder than most of their students, asking them to come back to the centre for consultation or even prompting them to ask questions over whatsapp. This is exactly what enable me to jump from a U grade to an A grade in A levels eventually. The clarity of their explanations are unparalleled as they are always able to simplify tedious workings into a few steps, often teaching us short cuts that we will never ever be able to think of. I'm truly grateful to these two dedicated teachers who spent a lot of their time helping with my maths.

    Zhuang Zhuo Han AJC (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mrs Yap is a truly inspirational math teacher. She is very task-oriented and focused and always wishes the best for her students. Her enthusiasm during class is like a contagious bug which makes you eager to learn. She breaks down complicated concepts into easy steps and makes it a lot easier to understand. She points out the essential key points for each topic which makes revision a lot more effective. Through her teaching, I have felt that math has become a lot easier to learn. Furthermore, she entertains us with her interesting math jokes. Under her guidance, I have gotten a lot more confident in solving math problems.

    Chuang Hui Yu HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mrs Yap is a very friendly and approachable teacher who tries her best to make math simpler and easier to digest. She focuses on important concepts for each topic, and her lessons and homework allow me to practice and be familiar with different kinds of questions. She tries to engage her students by occasionally telling us jokes and stories as well! Whenever I have math questions, Mrs Yap willingly and promptly helps me through whatsapp by giving me hints instead of directly giving me the answer. I find it very helpful, as it helps me think and learn better. Mrs Yap is also a caring teacher, as she often sends us motivational messages before tests and examinations. Besides that, she also gave me advice and motivated me when I felt hopeless right before my school exams. Without her help, I wouldn't have done well for my A levels (: thank you Mrs Yap!

    Choong Kai Lynn HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Prior to joining Mrs Yap’s class at the end of J1, I was struggling with math and scraped an E grade at best. However, Mrs Yap’s methodical and engaging way of explaining questions made it easier for me to understand the concepts. She would answer any questions I asked over text or outside lesson time and would help me identify topics that I was weaker in so that I could invest more time in revising them. Mrs Yap would cover the syllabus in full breadth and depth, including minor concepts which eventually appeared as “novel” questions in the A level paper. By post-prelims, I was managing a high B grade and my confidence in the subject had significantly improved. I’m truly grateful for her guidance and my A level results are true testament of how her dedication to teaching has impacted me :)

    Jasmine Kurniawan RIJC (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mrs Yap is one of the most caring and patient teachers I have ever encountered, her patience really amazes me! She makes the subject Mathematics a lot less intimidating and daunting than it is. Her consistently cheerful vibes, always encouraging and reassuring us goes a long way in building our confidence in Mathematics.

    Calyn HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level.
  • Passion, proficiency and perseverance - three very important things to have when preparing for the A levels Mathematics exam. Mrs Yap taught me those things, and much more. I first joined AYEC disliking and having no hope in Maths. I always thought that Maths was for boring people, but somehow, Mrs Yap made such a "dead" subject grow alive with her passion. I grew to like this subject, and I would say that of all the things that AYEC taught me, perhaps the most important lesson is confidence. Believe, and you will achieve. I never thought that I could score that A for Maths, but today I know, it is possible. Thank You AYEC!!!

    Gilian Poon HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level