• Mrs Yap is an extremely caring and patient teacher who ensures that all students understand the methods and formulae taught in class. I like how she finds the simplest ways to explain the most complex solutions to us, and how she can make solving math questions so much easier. Before attending her class last year, it was a hurdle for me to complete quizzes and examinations, let alone score well in them. Mrs Yap helped me strengthen my foundation in math (which was something I always struggled to do) and provided me with a thorough understanding of new math topics. Moreover, the pace of the class caters to all the students' needs despite the fact that we are from different schools. Mrs Yap's worksheets and in-class notes are concise and are very helpful when it comes to revision, be it for weekly quizzes or big examinations. The extra practices help me perform efficiently during examinations and I no longer feel as nervous as I did before when it came to math. I used to find math burdensome, but I grew to enjoy its learning process under Mrs Yap's constant care and guidance! Thank you Mrs Yap :-)

    Tan Shan Min Sec 4 NYGH (2016) ~ Grade 'A' in IP Maths
  • At the start of Secondary 3, I was struggling with Mathematics. I had been failing almost every quiz for the first few months and had a hard time trying to understand the content taught in school. However, after a few lessons under Mrs Yap, my results improved tremendously and I have been getting a consistent A1 since then. Mrs Yap has also instilled in me an interest for Mathematics and I am very thankful for her guidance over the past two years! Mrs Yap is a very dedicated, experienced and caring Mathematics teacher. She always ensures that everyone in class understands what is being taught before moving on to the next chapter. Whenever someone is in doubt, she will explain patiently until the student gets it. Whenever I am unable to solve questions out of tuition class, I will send her the questions through Whatsapp or email and she will never hesitate to answer all of them.  Mrs Yap also frequently sacrifices her own time to answer her students' queries before or after tuition class. Her dedication and experience has helped me perform well for Mathematics in upper secondary. Thank you Mrs Yap!

    Amanda Ng Sec 4 Nanyang Girls' High School (2016) ~ Grade 'A' in IP Maths
  • Mathematics used to be a subject that I constantly got less than stellar results for and I saw myself losing interest in Mathematics. Before joining Mrs Yap’s class, I disliked Mathematics and always got B for every test and exam. However, with Mrs Yap’s dutiful teaching, my results picked up swiftly and I began to enjoy Mathematics. Mrs Yap is an experienced and responsible teacher who takes it upon herself to ensure her students attain good grades. For every lesson I missed, she went the extra mile to send me photos of the practice questions through whatsapp which I truly appreciate. This guaranteed that I would not lack behind the rest. The questions and notes that she gives to us is comprehensive, concise and just enough to make sure we are ready for the exam, being careful not to be too overwhelming. In the final lap of our exams this year, she also prepared gifts for us that proved to be a very vital confidence booster, prompting us to push on and that the end is near. Mrs Yap’s guidance has allowed me to do consistently well for Mathematics this year, topping my class every term. Thank you Mrs Yap for guiding me along this year :-)

    Ian Ng Sec 4 HCI (2016) ~ Grade 'A' in IP Maths
  • I came into Mrs Yap’s class with not-so-ideal grades and was starting to dislike Maths. Since I’ve started attending Mrs Yap’s class, I’ve grown to enjoy the subject more. Mrs Yap is very patient, she never hesitates to answer my questions outside of class and gives helpful tips on how to tackle challenging questions that may be tested in exams. She has also helped me tremendously in strengthening my foundation in the subject, which helps me to grasp new concepts a lot quicker and achieve more consistent results. Mrs Yap is very clear and concise when explaining concepts and the notes she provides are very helpful for revision! I am very grateful to have been under her guidance and I look forward to continuing lessons with her! :)

    Charmaine Sum Sec 4 RGS (2016) ~ Grade 'A' in IP Maths
  • Mrs Yap is a dedicated teacher and is always to help her students outside classes through either after class timings or the use of Whatsapp. Her many years of experience has enabled me to learn and apply Mathematical skills more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, Mrs Yap is able to pinpoint my common errors and misconceptions through daily work and revisions before the examinations. Mrs Yap is also a fun teacher and would give us Maths joke in between lessons to help us relieve stress after the long day of school. She would provided revisions and tips to help us ace our examinations and take more notice of the common mistakes that are often made by the students. I have significantly enjoyed studying Maths and have sufficient practice through this tuition. I believe with the passion in teaching, as long as you are willing to work hard, there will be improvements in your results. Thank you for the past 2 years of guidance and care! ☺
    Tan Yi Bing Sec 4 NYGH (2016), Grade 'A' in IP Maths
  • Mrs Yap is an extremely patient and detailed teacher who easily understands my math questions. I used to smuggle terribly with Upper Secondary Math, as there were many abstract concepts that I could not comprehend easily. It did not help that no one seemed to understand my doubts. However, after attending Mrs Yap’s lessons, I started to understand the topics even better than before due to the clear structure and in-depthness that Mrs Yap’s lessons possessed. Her worksheets and lessons ensure that we explore every aspect of an topic and explains the reasons for more complicated concepts, making sure we build a good foundation for each topic. Not only that, Mrs Yap is able to connect extremely well with the students in class and has an uncanny ability to understand our doubts totally. Within a few sentences, Mrs Yap is able to clarify our doubts immediately.  Mrs Yap is also extremely friendly and does not get frustrated even if I stay back or text her to ask her questions. I definitely do not regret signing up for Mrs Yap’s classes, as it has given me more confidence when answering questions. and has managed to pull my grades up from a near fail grade to an A.

    Faith Lim Cedar Girls’ School (2016) ~ Grade 'A' in IP Maths