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By former Hwa Chong Subject Heads

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About the Founders


graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Master degree in Science (Mathematics) under the Accelerated Master Programme (AMP). He was also the recipient of the prestigious Lijen Industrial Development Medal which was awarded to the student who wrote the best thesis in the Honours year.

Upon graduation, Andrew Yap started his teaching career at Hwa Chong Institution and then later at River Valley High School. He was the former subject head of Mathematics department at Hwa Chong Institution (College Section) and the former head of the Mathematics department at River Valley High School (Senior-high). He set up Andrew Yap Education Centre in the year 2010 and he specializes in providing Secondary Math and IP Math tuition and JC A Level H2 Math tuition. Many students have achieved excellent grades in Mathematics under his coaching.


graduated from the National University of Singapore with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics. In addition, she was also the recipient of the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal which is awarded to the best performing graduate throughout the course of study at NUS Science Faculty.

Upon graduation, Jasmine Yap started her teaching career at Hwa Chong Institution. She taught H2 Mathematics at Hwa Chong Institution (College Section) for 13 years and was the education consultant of the Mathematics department. Her innovative and interesting teaching methods coupled with her caring nature won her back in Hwa Chong Institution the ‘Best Teaching Practice Award’ for the years 2008 and 2010 and the ‘Most Caring Teacher Award’ in the year 2009. Jasmine Yap specializes in providing Secondary Math and IP Math tuition and JC A Level Math tuition.

Why Choose Our Math Tuition

Andrew Yap and Jasmine Yap will personally oversee the sound implementation of the Mathematics curriculum in alignment with the MOE syllabus at Andrew Yap Education Centre. In addition, the Centre has a stringent selection criterion for the employment of teachers to ensure that the Centre only selects the best Mathematics teachers to teach students at the Centre.

The Centre provides JC Math Tuition and Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore that are most aligned with MOE standards. With the two founders’ many years of experiences in teaching Mathematics and leading a Mathematics department at top IP schools, the systematic and meticulously planned curriculum in Mathematics together with their team of dedicated teachers will certainly add value to students’ learning and build the competencies to achieve a good grade in Mathematics at both internal and national examinations.

Teaching Methodology of our Secondary Math Tuition

At Andrew Yap Education Centre, our notes are crafted to cover the content according to the MOE syllabus. For each topic, we will first go through with students the key concepts that they need to know for the topic, supported with examples and practice questions for a complete understanding. Our notes break down large chunks of information into bite-size pieces, from simple concepts to the more challenging concepts that a student will need to comprehend to do well in the exam.

Our secondary math tuition believes that learning needs to be progressive and only when the foundation is firmly laid will a student be ready to handle the more challenging questions which require students to think out of the box and their ability to apply mathematical concepts to advanced questions.

Students will have to complete a set of practice questions after each topic that we have covered in class. These practice questions will expose students to the different questions typed that they will need to know in order to do well in their exam. We will run through each question in detail so that students are able to have a complete mastery of the concepts involved in solving a question.

Our secondary math tuition provides recorded video lessons to students who miss a lesson so they can transition smoothly to the next topic. This recorded lesson is exactly the same lesson conducted that a student has missed. After watching the recorded video lesson, students are free to ask any questions in which they are still not sure of so that there is no content gap when attending the next lesson.

Benefits of Enrolling in Math Tuition

To say “math tuition is only for the weak” is highly inaccurate, and unfair to those who have chosen to join a Secondary or JC math tuition class to hone their skills.

1. Additional practice

One of the most obvious benefits of enrolling in Secondary or JC math tuition is the additional practice sessions provided. Maths is a subject that requires consistent practice to familiarise and eventually master the concepts. Enrolling in Secondary or JC math tuition means extra hours outside of school to focus on the more challenging concepts.

2. Individual Attention

During the school curriculum, teachers are usually rushing for time and covering concepts briefly before moving on to go through difficult questions or leaving students on their own to practice questions. With a large class size of an average of 30 students, students are unable to get individual attention from the teacher. On the other hand, enrolling in Secondary or JC math tuition allows students to get individual attention from tutors as the class size is usually much smaller.

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Publications by the Founders

(1) Both Andrew Yap and Jasmine Yap are the authors of both H1 and H2 Mathematics Ten Years Series solution books (both topical and by year), fully covering H1 and H2 Math syllabus.”

Secondary Math Tuition | H2 Math syllabus

(2) Publication in Mathematical Journal (Volume 12, No. 2)

Topic: Effects of Using a Computer Algebra System (CAS) on Junior College Students’ Attitudes towards CAS and Achievement in Mathematics

(3) Publication in Singapore Mathematical Medley Magazine (Volume 36)

Topic: Teaching and Learning of `Sequences and Series’ under the JC H2 Mathematics Curriculum


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  • Passion, proficiency and perseverance - three very important things to have when preparing for the A levels Mathematics exam. Mrs Yap taught me those things, and much more. I first joined AYEC disliking and having no hope in Maths. I always thought that Maths was for boring people, but somehow, Mrs Yap made such a "dead" subject grow alive with her passion. I grew to like this subject, and I would say that of all the things that AYEC taught me, perhaps the most important lesson is confidence. Believe, and you will achieve. I never thought that I could score that A for Maths, but today I know, it is possible. Thank You AYEC!!!

    Gilian Poon HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mrs Yap is one of the most caring and patient teachers I have ever encountered, her patience really amazes me! She makes the subject Mathematics a lot less intimidating and daunting than it is. Her consistently cheerful vibes, always encouraging and reassuring us goes a long way in building our confidence in Mathematics.

    Calyn HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level.
  • Prior to joining Mrs Yap’s class at the end of J1, I was struggling with math and scraped an E grade at best. However, Mrs Yap’s methodical and engaging way of explaining questions made it easier for me to understand the concepts. She would answer any questions I asked over text or outside lesson time and would help me identify topics that I was weaker in so that I could invest more time in revising them. Mrs Yap would cover the syllabus in full breadth and depth, including minor concepts which eventually appeared as “novel” questions in the A level paper. By post-prelims, I was managing a high B grade and my confidence in the subject had significantly improved. I’m truly grateful for her guidance and my A level results are true testament of how her dedication to teaching has impacted me :)

    Jasmine Kurniawan RIJC (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mrs Yap is a very friendly and approachable teacher who tries her best to make math simpler and easier to digest. She focuses on important concepts for each topic, and her lessons and homework allow me to practice and be familiar with different kinds of questions. She tries to engage her students by occasionally telling us jokes and stories as well! Whenever I have math questions, Mrs Yap willingly and promptly helps me through whatsapp by giving me hints instead of directly giving me the answer. I find it very helpful, as it helps me think and learn better. Mrs Yap is also a caring teacher, as she often sends us motivational messages before tests and examinations. Besides that, she also gave me advice and motivated me when I felt hopeless right before my school exams. Without her help, I wouldn't have done well for my A levels (: thank you Mrs Yap!

    Choong Kai Lynn HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mrs Yap is a truly inspirational math teacher. She is very task-oriented and focused and always wishes the best for her students. Her enthusiasm during class is like a contagious bug which makes you eager to learn. She breaks down complicated concepts into easy steps and makes it a lot easier to understand. She points out the essential key points for each topic which makes revision a lot more effective. Through her teaching, I have felt that math has become a lot easier to learn. Furthermore, she entertains us with her interesting math jokes. Under her guidance, I have gotten a lot more confident in solving math problems.

    Chuang Hui Yu HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mr & Mrs Yap devotes most of their time to teaching and helping their students in getting an A for maths. They work harder than most of their students, asking them to come back to the centre for consultation or even prompting them to ask questions over whatsapp. This is exactly what enable me to jump from a U grade to an A grade in A levels eventually. The clarity of their explanations are unparalleled as they are always able to simplify tedious workings into a few steps, often teaching us short cuts that we will never ever be able to think of. I'm truly grateful to these two dedicated teachers who spent a lot of their time helping with my maths.

    Zhuang Zhuo Han AJC (2015) ~ Grade 'A' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Mrs Yap is truly a one of a kind teacher. She goes beyond the basics of teaching for the sake of it and ventures into connecting with her students on a personal level. Mrs Yap is really a dedicated teacher who genuinely wants her students to do well, not for anyone else but for themselves. She makes learning maths look and sound so easy, yet also understands the struggles her students face and faces these struggles together with them, Thanks to her, my A Level journey has been eased ten-folds and I am grateful for her faith in me which I did not have in myself. She really did make it feel like maths isn't so bad after all. :)

    Emily Leong HCI (2015) ~ Grade 'B' in H2 Maths at 2015 'A' Level
  • Under Mrs Yap’s guidance, math doesn't seem so difficult and confusing anymore because she is able to bring out the important math concepts really very clearly and has a clear focus on what to work on for every lesson. Her constant drive to improve herself and her ability to make math engaging for her students really motivates me to work harder for math. Mrs Yap is a also lively teacher who also connects well with her students - we even look forward to going for her lessons!

    Bernice liau (former JC1 student in Mrs Yap's class when she was at HCI)
  • Mrs Yap is a very good teacher because she is great at explaining complicated concepts in a step-by-step manner that makes the concepts seem much easier. She also has many useful tips and tricks for her us, which help us conquer tests and exams calmly and systematically. Best of all, she also cares for her students. Having Mrs Yap as a teacher makes Math a much more enjoyable and manageable subject!

    Chuah Qing Le (former JC1 student in Mrs Yap's class before she left HCI)
  • Practical and thoughtful, I think that's what made Mrs Yap an exceptional math teacher. The powerpoints and worksheets she uses are always short and succinct, her lessons never fail to engage me and acquiring new concepts never felt overwhelming. I think the greatest perk of having Mrs Yap as my math teacher is that she always provides concise summaries and useful studying tips. Her teaching method is different from others, in the sense that she considers little details that can make great differences.

    Serene Lau (former JC1 student in Mrs Yap's class before she left HCI)